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Agong rejected IGP Khalid's extension


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VIRALM’sian Students Exposed for “Repaying” Free Lodging in Japan by Pooping in Shower 
ByPui FunPosted on August 19, 2017

Rude M'sian Students Go Viral After Causing Damages and Pooping in Japan Hostel - World Of Buzz 9
Japan is a favourite place for many Malaysians to travel and when we are travelling, we want to make sure that we leave a good impression, and not jatuh muka for all Malaysians! Unfortunately, a group of Malaysian students who are said to be still in their late teens travelled to Osaka, Japan, recently went super viral on social media after their bad behaviour was exposed by the staff at the accommodation. You are going to want to smack them too! 
Rude M'sian Students Go Viral After Causing Damages and Pooping in Japan Hostel - World Of Buzz

Source: Facebook A 6-minute video that has garnered a lot of attention showed a few Malaysian students having an argument with a staff (in blue) of the place they are staying at, the Vitti Lodge & Family Apartment.  According to a status by a Malaysian who explained the situation, apparently, the three students involved were supposed to travel to Osaka for a photography competition known as Sony World Photography Awards. One of them was even listed as one of the 10 finalists for the youngest photographers category. 

Rude M'sian Students Go Viral After Causing Damages and Pooping in Japan Hostel - World Of Buzz 4

Source: Facebook It appears that the three of them had missed their flight back to Malaysia and did not have enough funds to purchase a new ticket or a place to stay so Vitti Lodge had very kindly taken pity on them and offered them a place to stay for free. The owner of the lodge explained,

 Rude M'sian Students Go Viral After Causing Damages and Pooping in Japan Hostel - World Of Buzz 8

Source: Facebook However, they took advantage of their hospitality and caused trouble during their stay. The students who were cooking in the kitchen started arguing with the staff because hostel rules disallowed anyone to cook past that certain time. However, they took offense and started scolding him by using vulgar words and rude gestures. 
 Rude M'sian Students Go Viral After Causing Damages and Pooping in Japan Hostel - World Of Buzz 3Rude M'sian Students Go Viral After Causing Damages and Pooping in Japan Hostel - World Of Buzz 5Rude M'sian Students Go Viral After Causing Damages and Pooping in Japan Hostel - World Of Buzz 6

Source: Facebook Source: Facebook Source: Facebook Throughout the video, the staff remains calm, even when one of the rude students pushes him against a wall and slaps him. Suddenly, at the end of the video, another student appears and kicks the table hard then puts a hole in the wall by punching it. The kind staff even went to the extent of offering the hostel owner 130,000 yen (RM5,110) to repair the damages of the wall on their behalf. As if that wasn’t enough, another post revealed that one of these uncivilized students actually went and pooped in one of the hostel’s shower as a ‘goodbye’ note. They posted photos of the disgusting evidence the poor staff had to clean up. 
Rude M'sian Students Go Viral After Causing Damages and Pooping in Japan Hostel - World Of Buzz 1

Source: Facebook In fact, their behaviour was so terrible that the hostel has contacted a lawyer, made a police report about the incident and even shared it to their national media. 

Oh dear, international shame! Apparently, the hostel also discovered that they lied about missing the flight and are currently seeking for compensation for the damages caused by these unruly students during their stay. As the students had left for Kansai International Airport, the owner shared a post to look for these uncivilised boys as they are expected to land in Kuala Lumpur soon. 

One of the students involved has updated his status on Facebook and said that they were not in the wrong and they will reveal the truth in a statement soon. Understandably, the story of these hooligans went super viral as Malaysians are upset about their rude behaviour. “This is an outrage. Is this how you repay the kind people who gave you a place to stay for free in your time of need?! Shameful!! You make me embarrassed for Malaysia,” one user commented. “Now, the whole country (Japan) is going to remember Malaysians for life. 

Thanks a lot guys,” another person wrote.

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There are virtuous beings.
The officials are the virtuous beings.
The people are all innocents.
The poverty is their only sin.
The officials squeezed the people.
The people are living in poverty because of the officials.
Image result for images of najib and rosmah sucking the people dry

Replacing a crook for another crook

Former deputy finance minister Awang Adek Hussin has been appointed the chairperson of Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara), starting Sept 1, 2017.

To turn up the heat, I need to bring the spotlight onto a new player. Not a person or an individual but a sub division or rather a committee. The Skim Jejak Jaya Bumiputera (SJJB) is a sub division of the Ministry of Finance of Malaysia. It was first established in 2007. The idea of forming SJJB came from Y.A.B. Dato’ Haji Seri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak the Deputy Prime Minister back then. Y.A.B. Dato’ Seri Haji Mohd Najib Bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak was also the first Chairman for the SJJB until now. Its objective is to assist Bumiputera companies to be listed in the Bursa Malaysia.It is also THE COMMITTEE TO INITIATE ALL MAJOR GOVERNMENT CONTRACT AWARDS as informed by a trustworthy source.

It is well known that Senator Dato’ Dr. Awang Adek Hussin is Deputy Finance Minister. It is also well known that he is the UMNO Chief of Bachok and an UMNO High Council Member. All this is very well known fact known by the general public. But few are aware that SENATOR DATO’ DR. AWANG ADEK HUSSIN IS ALSO THE CHAIRMAN OF THE SJJB WORKING COMMITTEE (I believe it was since he was appointed as Deputy Minister of Finance in 2009),WHOM HAPPENS TO CHAIR ALL MAJOR GOVERNMENT CONTRACT AWARD MEETINGS AS THE WORKING COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN OF SJJB. 

Previously Senator Dato Dr Awang Adek Hussin has mentioned that as a Deputy Finance Minister he has nothing to do with project award (here). That statement is only the “HALF TRUTH”. AS THE CHAIRMAN OF THE SJJB WORKING COMMITTEE, HE HAS ALL THE RIGHT TO INNITIATES AND MAKES “RECOMMENDATIONS” ON ANY MAJOR GOVERNMENT CONTRACT AWARDS. That is the other “HALF TRUTH”. He has everything to do with the Johor Bahru Sentral project award. Otherwise why would he make a site visit to Bangunan Sultan Iskandar and Johor Bahru Sentral on 02/12/2010 as I’ve stated previously (here). Although in the official Media Statement only stated that reason being for his site visit is to monitor the progress of the Medium Term Link to Bangunan Sultan Iskandar (this is yet another exposé in the writing), the chronology of events that follows suit after his site visit is highly questionable.

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Money from the sky for UMNO Elite

Bukti Dokumen Pembelian Rumah Nilai Jutaan Ringgit


Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) memperolehi dokumen mengenai milikan harta kekayaan anggota keluarga dan individu - individu rapat dengan beberapa orang Menteri Kabinet kira – kira sebulan yang lalu oleh pihak yang tidak dikenali. Setelah diteliti diyakini beberapa dokumen tersebut ada kesahihannya dan SAMM tidak menolak kemungkinan ia ada kaitan dengan pertembungan dalaman Umno menjelang pemilihan parti itu.

Mengenepikan sentimen mengapa pemberi maklumat menyalurkan maklumat itu dan niat politiknya tetapi atas keinsafan mempertahankan kepentingan rakyat maka SAMM secara berperingkat akan menyiarkan dokumen dokumen tersebut sebagai persoalan untuk dijawab oleh Menteri terbabit.


Dokumen yang pertama ialah berkenaan pembelian sebuah banglow bernilai RM 7,242,555.07 yang dikaitkan dengan seorang yang bernama Mohamed Nedim B. Mohamed Nazri. Diperiksa dia ialah anak seorang menteri kabinet.

Bagi anak yang sangat muda dan setelah diteliti pekerjaan atau perniagaannya, adalah amat meragukan dari sudut kemampuan. Bagaimana anak menteri ini punya kemampuan untuk membeli banglow dengan harga yang sedemikian tinggi? 

Maka perbagai persoalan muncul. Ini bukan tuduhan tetapi sebagai seorang Menteri sudah tentu rakyat berhak bertanya kepada Nazri mengenai banglow anaknya ini.

Bagaimana anaknya dapat membeli banglow ini? Adakah dia layak? Adakah dia membeli dengan tunai? Jika melibatkan pinjaman bank berapa banyak pinjaman dibuat dan berapa jumlah tunai yang dibayar? Bagaimana bank boleh memberikan kelulusan bernilai jutaan ringgit kepadanya, adakah kerana dia anak menteri? 

Nasib kita sebagai rakyat biasa, untuk mendapatkan pinjaman bank bagi membeli kereta kancil atau rumah kos rendah pun bagai nak gila memanjat tangga dari bank ke bank bagai mengemis.

Semua persoalan ini juga seharusnya membawa kepada Jabatan Hasil dalam Negeri dan individu tersebut harus dipanggil untuk diteliti milikan sebenar pendapatannya. Juga melalui sumber rekod Jabatan Hasil Dalam Negeri ada terdapat keraguan bagaimana dia mampu memiliki kediaman mewah bernilai tinggi dengan pendapatan yang diistiharkan.

Menarik juga dilihat dari dokumen yang diperolehi ialah bagaimana dalam proses membeli rumah mewah ini pembeli menikmati diskaun RM500,9444.08 (-7%) selaku bumiputera. Orang biasa termasuk pimpinan Umno diperingkat cawangan yang gila–gila mempertahankan Umno ada yang hanya menikmati diskaun tak sampai RM10,000 atas nama bumiputera ketika membeli rumah kerana itulah sahaja kemampuan kita orang biasa - biasa.

Melalui kenyataan ini SAMM bagi pihak anak muda Malaysia yang bergelut dengan peningkatan kos hidup dan dihimpit perbagai masalah kewangan menuntut untuk Nazri tampil dan menjawab. Anaknya ini juga yang satu ketika dahulu pernah didedahkan oleh Rafizi Ramli berkenaan menggunakan kenderaan mewah milik seorang jutawan dengan siap pengawal peribadi.

Berkenaan perkara ini kami mempunya dokumen sebut harga, perjanjian dan gambar aset tersebut. Sekali lagi kami tegaskan ini bukan tuduhan tetapi persoalan yang perlu dijelaskan.

Selain itu berkenaan individu terbabit kami punya beberapa dokumen lain yang akan kami bangkitkan persoalanya dalam berperingkat. Kami juga dalam proses penelitian peringkat akhir beberapa dokumen lain yang mengaitkan anggota Kabinet yang lain.


Penyelaras SAMM Kebangsaan

Perodua Alza and Myvi most dangerous car in Malaysia

Dear Concerned Readers and all Perodua Alza & Myvi owners!

I wrote this blog-post about the fact that neither Perodua nor the Malaysian Road Safety Department, or the “AAM” or any of the “Malaysian Insurance Companies” have bothered to take any action against Perodua to make the Perodua Alza & Mivy cars safe according to international standards.
Perodua know about the deadly dashboard feature that they used to construct their product and has changed this deadly feature by the new Perodua AXIA back to international standard – the Perodua Axia car is safe in this matter!

It is a must to change the deadly dashboard feature for all Perodua Alza and Myvi cars which are on the road back to safe and according to international safety standards! 

Perodua Alza & Myvi – what is wrong with these cars?
Have you have ever realised that you were driving your Alza or Myvi during night times inside the city where the roads are lightened and without turning your head lights on? I am very sure you have!
A very dangerous and scary situation!
You are not responsible or too dumb to drive – for sure!
The cause of this problem was caused by the engineers from Perodua and the approval from the M;alaysian National Road Safety Department “MIROS” must have been “sleeping” on their job when they gave their approval to Perodua Alza and Myvi and endorsed the features on these cars as safe
This irresponsible endorsement is highly risky for yourself and your passengers! This in turn also poses danger to the public who are on the road!
Now I tell you why you have not been aware that you have driven during night time without turning your vehicle’s headlights on!
The international safety standards for all vehicle brands worldwide is as follow:
When you switch on the head lights, your dasboard light will be lighted up simultaneously. This means that when the dasboard light is on, you can be very sure your headlights are on and  you can drive safely!
This international safety standard is disregarded by Perodua Alza and Myvi!

When you enter your Perodua Alza or Myvi car and when you start your engine, the dashboard light will be lighted automatically – regardless whether this is done during day or night!

This deadly feature mislead you terribly and give you a wrong impression that you have already turned on your headlights when in actual fact, it is not turned on!
Imagine driving on roads where the light visibility is low, the driver cannot see clearly the surrounding especially when a pedestrian crosses the road right in front of the vehicle or the oncoming vehicle will not be able to see that the vehicle without lighted headlights is travelling down the same road and when the vehicle decides to make a turn It can hit this unlighted vehicle, causing very serious accidents and/or your death!
Therefore, you do not have any control and/or warning that you are driving without turning your vehicle’s headlights during night!
I have driven in my life for more than 3 Million km in arround 30 different car brands and/or car types and all cars was having the same safe international feature: Head lights on – dasboard light on.
My wife bought the Perodua Myvi in August 2014 to surprise me. When I first drove this Perodua Myvi, I was in shock as I have discoverd this deadly feature!
Maybe you think you can learn overcome this deadly feature by using it the right way? 
Very wrong – all it takes is only one time when you forget to turn on your headlights during the night, it can be the end of your life – no joke!
I noticed that every time when I drive home to Puchong Kinrara from Bukit Bintang at night time, between 1 to 5 Perodua cars would be driving without head lights on.
To make matters worse, most of these vehicles are black in colour and this lowers down the visibility of other drivers towards these vehicles – this is really a very scary combination!
It would be a nightmare for me and my wife to be involved in an accident with such “ghost car” without headlights.
To make it very clear, none of those responsible bodies/authorities in this country is interested to make the roads safer, to reduce the accident rates or to save lives as a result of “dumb” and irresponsible car makers.
“The Star” and “The Sun” newspaper take care of their own interests to make daily advertising for Perodua. This is more important than to write actual and life saving reports and  facts.
They have not replied to my queries in my report to them and also is not interested to inform the public!
The “AAM” is unable to inform their newsletter readers – the answer from them is very interesting and shows the mind-set of the AAM management!
The Perodua management, the Malaysian Institute of Road safety and many other institutions and most of the car  insurance companies dare not respond to my request to make the road safer!
No answer and no comment – ignorance and inhumanity from all irresponsible institutions!
I wrote on the 20th of August 2014 to:
To the Management of Perodua and Board of Directors @
Forwarded to:
Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS)
Customer Relations Dept.;;
To Tan Sri Dato’ Hj. Muhyiddin Yasin sent by contact form on their website!
“The Star” newspaper
“The Sun” newspaper
and on the 12th of January 2015 to:
and on the 12th of January 2015 to the Insurance companies:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
I have not received an answer!
Here are the original e-mails I have sent to all of them including reminders:
20th of August 2014
Good day!
My name is Wolf Vaupel. I am a German mechanical engineer and safety engineer for manufacturing machines and for road safety, retired and married with a Malaysian Chinese Lady living in KL.
My wife drives a brand new Perodua Myvi car designed and manufactured by your company.
I was shocked when I was driving this Perodua Myvi for the first time about the fact that this car has a safety risk feature on the lighting in the dashboard when the engine is turned on whether it is day time or night time – maybe some people find it funny or nice – but this feature made the driver thinks that especially during night time he has already switched on the headlights to drive safely and according to the law.
I have driven more than 3 Million km, in at least 30 different type of cars in all parts of the world and a standard feature for car lighting on the dashboard area where the odometer and fuel gauge is installed only becomes lighted when you switch on the head lights.
However, this feature does not apply to the Perodua Myvi!
This Perodua dashboard lighting feature is dangerous for drivers. The only indicator for a driver to be sure he drives with “the headlights on” is the dashboard lighting coming on.

When the dashboard lighting is wrongly set up as in the case of the Perodua Myvi & Alza then nobody is aware when he drives without head lights!

My wife and I often noticed and wondered why much Perodua Myvi & Alza drivers drive without their headlights on the road and we try to alert them by sounding our horn but they look at us as if we are from the moon!
I believe this erroneous feature on the Perodua Myvi cars is very deadly as the drivers are not aware that their headlights are not on even though their dashboard lights are on and their visibility on the road is reduced during night time driving on the lighted roads.
When one drive during the night time without their headlights on, it is as good as driving blindfolded. This can cause very serious and fatal accidents! Who is responsible for these accidents when that happens?
Now we know the answer why many Perodua drivers drive without headlights on during the night.
Who designed and created this feature? Who certified that this lighting feature is safe for drivers?  
After driven for more than 3 million km’s, I have never seen in my life so many car drivers driving during night time without turning their car headlights on as here in Malaysia and approximately 90% of them are Perodua car drivers.
I am sure the accident statistics will show that there are a lot of accidents that happened at night time due
to this nonsensically dashboard lighting feature installed. How many people do you think have died due to this design nonsense?
With such dangerous feature where this Malaysian Perodua Myvi & Alza cars are built will never receive a US or Europen Standard certification.
Active road safety starts with the safe design and construction of vehicles! 
Road safety is not taken seriously in Malaysia as you can see on every km of the road in KL, there are holes up to 2m² in dimension and up to 30 cm deep. What nonsense does the authorities do in place of the road taxes that they collect from tax payers when each day the drivers on the road risked their lives and limbs driving on roads that are full of holes. Our vehicles are damaged and we risk getting into accidents as the roads are not safe and conducive for safe driving.
The same authorities that collects road taxes has to make sure that only safe built up cars are driven on the roads.
I urged that all involved institutions to undertake immediately to revaluate and to correct this safety feature on the present owners of Perodua Myvi free of charge. New vehicles should only be sold if they fulfil the general and international safety standards!
Yesterday I was with my wife at the Perodua Service center in Shah Alam and had spoken to the Service Operation Executive Mohd Azzam Firdaus Bin Mohd Razali and highlighted this dangerous feature to him in the hope that this feature can be corrected asap.
When you change this deadly feature to international car safety standard by my wife’s car? Let me know urgently!
Best regards
Wolf Vaupel
I have not received an answer!

Petronas CEO, Board of Directors Should Just Resign And Go Away

A picture shows the logo of Malaysian state energy firm Petronas during the World Gas Conference exhibition in Paris on June 2, 2015.
My readers will recall that for years I have been warning against Petronas' wasteful spending especially in this Pacific Northwest LNG project in Canada.
I have said before that the losses incurred here by Petronas could be more than the amount lost in the 1MDB scandal.
The headlines yesterday have been highlighting Petronas cancelling the US$29 BILLION project in Canada.
Here is their Media Statement in full :
Pacific NorthWest LNG Project Is Not Proceeding
Today Pacific NorthWest LNG’s partners announced that the project will not be moving forward.
The decision was made by the project partners following a total review of the project amid changes in market conditions.
For almost five years we have been working with local governments, First Nations, residents and businesses about our proposed project and are very grateful for the support we have received.
Thank you to the communities of Port Edward and Prince Rupert for welcoming Pacific NorthWest LNG and hosting our local outreach offices. In addition, thank you to all the communities in northwestern BC who expressed an interest in the project and took the time to work with us.
We would also like to recognize the time and efforts of all the area First Nations, including the Lax Kwa’laams First Nation, Metlakatla First Nation, Kitsumkalum First Nation, Gitxaala First Nation and Gitga’at First Nation, and all of the other nations residing in the Prince Rupert area who have kindly provided us feedback.
Our team members have been warmly welcomed by the communities. Thank you to the dozens of local businesses who we have had the opportunity to work with in the recent years.
Pacific NorthWest LNG will complete our outstanding business commitments by the end of September. Our Prince Rupert and Port Edward offices are scheduled to be closed effective August 25, 2017.
My comments : I hope our Opposition MPs will take this up in Parliament. For certainly the BN MPs have neither the brains nor the balls to ask questions about this collosal failure.
1. First of all please tell us (without bullshitting) exactly how big is this project?
Is it US29 BILLION (RM124 BILLION) or US36 BILLION (RM154 BILLION) or how much exactly?
The ketuanan boys already cannot figure out RM50 Billion.
Do you seriously expect them to figure out RM124 BILLION?? I dont think so.
So tell us exactly how big is this project in terms of Ringgit.
2. And how many billions has Petronas lost so far in this doomed project? RM10 BILLION? RM 20 BILLION? RM50 BILLION? Exactly how much?
Look at that picture above. That tank farm has already been built. There is also a suspension bridge over there. Did Petronas have to build that too?
Didnt Petronas already build the pipeline?
Now all that will go to waste.
So exactly how much has Petronas lost in this fiasco?
3. Petronas crows that they sold equity in this project to foreign partners. Fine. My question is have those partners paid any real money? Meaning did they pay in full their portion of the paid up capital, share capital or whatever?
These folks are not village idiots. In a project this size there are bound to be 'subject to' clauses. We will meet the cash calls subject to a, b, c, d, e etc. So can Petronas tell us exactly what transpired.
4. Finally I think the MACC should get involved in this case straight away. It is too big a project and it has failed. Tens of billions if not hundreds of billions of taxpayers funds have been lost. (Petronas is wholly owned by the Malaysian taxpayer).
The MACC should not wait for the public to make reports before they start investigating.
I have been commenting about Petronas' investments in Canada for a long time because I have been hearing plenty rumours that plenty crap has been going on.
The fine wine connoiseurs have been flying the wrong cargo.
Super Moron's muallap guy actually runs Petronas.
This 'global - glokal' adventure has become a huge failure.
Tabung Haji blowing hundreds of millions buying real estate overseas.
MARA blowing tens of millions buying hotels overseas.
Sime Darby losing RM800 Million in Qatar or somewhere.
1MDB losing BILLIONS "investing" in units entah apa.
Now Petronas losing tens of billions in Canada.
If you want to joli-joli, please do so with your own father's money. Pakai duit bapak sendiri lah. Dont burn the taxpayers money.
It is better to use our taxpayer's money and invest inside our own country. This way even when you screw up, the money still stays inside Malaysia.
It is also better to use our taxpayers money and use it to learn how to do business inside our own country. This way even when you screw up, the money still stays inside Malaysia.
In the Sime Darby fiasco in Qatar or somewhere, the local boys did not even understand what is the 'time value of money'. Rented equipment was left idle. The kids did not understand what was wrong with that.
Just like many now say there is nothing wrong with the economy.
The Petronas CEO and the BOD should just resign and go away.
Written by Syed Akbar Ali

Opinion Analysis on PM Najib Razak After WSJ Expose (by Users in Malaysia)

Image result for images of najib razak the corrupted one
1. Background
On July 3rd 2015 at 4.42 AM (GMT+8), The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published an article alleging that the on-going investigation into 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) found evidence of billions of ringgit being transferred into Prime Minister Najib Razak’s personal bank accounts at AmIslamic Bank [1].
This was followed by a more detailed expose by Sarawak Report tweeted at 5.20 AM that provided unverified details on the dates, account numbers and sums of money involved [2].
News of the expose started to spread online at 9 AM. From what we observed, WSJ carrying the story added credibility to the claims despite having no evidence attached to the article. The Prime Minister responded with a press statement stating that he had ‘never taken funds for personal gain’ and the allegations came with no evidence [3]. WSJ has stood by their claims [4].
Over the next few days online backlash against the PM continued to increase. The publication of allegations by WSJ served as a trigger for an outpouring of criticism towards the PM on many issues beyond the alleged theft.
2. Our Analysis
We performed opinion-based analysis on 600 users based in Malaysia who tweeted about Najib, @NajibRazak, 1MDB, WSJ, Sarawak Report and related terms from July 3rd – July 7th 2015. The margin of error is +/- 4%.
Users were selected based on their tweet content and activity during this period. Sampling was done per-state based on the current estimated user population.
Spammers, news agencies and accounts with automated tweets were not included in the sample.
From this dataset we analysed the individual Twitter user timelines to determine their opinion. This took their tweets, retweets and conversations into account.
Our goal was to gauge public reaction by Twitter users in Malaysia to the allegations raised by the Wall Street Journal and Sarawak Report. Users who were tweeting about PM Najib but not in response to the issues raised (transfer of funds from 1MDB) were not included in the sample.
Based on this analysis we categorised users as belonging to one of the following categories:
  1. Positive
  2. Neutral
  3. Negative
These were further divided into the following categories based on which party they chose to support/criticise:
  1. Positive
  2. Neutral
  3. Negative (general)
  4. Negative (Najib must resign)
  5. Negative (Najib must resign, directed to @NajibRazak)
  6. Negative (directed to @NajibRazak)
The results are shown in the following charts.
Individual Category Breakdown

Negative (general)19632.67
Negative (Najib must resign)13923.17
Negative (Najib must resign, directed to @NajibRazak)7712.83
Negative (directed to @NajibRazak)10116.83

By combining categories we also have the following statistics:
  • 216 users (36%) want PM Najib to resign
  • 178 users (29.67%) tweeted negative remarks to him directly (including asking him to resign)
3. Findings
What follows are the findings for each category.
3.1 Positive
35 users (5.83%)
These users did not believe the allegations made by WSJ. The most common reasons expressed by this group were:
  • the sum of money is too large to be believable
  • the use of personal accounts to steal money is not believable
  • they do not believe that Bank Negara wouldn’t have noticed such a large transfer
  • believe it is lies by Western media (WSJ)
3.2 Neutral
52 users (8.67%)
These users had no clear stand, or were open to the possibility that PM Najib took the funds. The most common opinions being expressed were:
  • want an investigation to be carried out before passing judgement
  • believe it is inappropriate to assume guilt without proof
3.3 Negative (general)
196 users (32.67%)
These users were making negative remarks about PM Najib because they believed he stole public funds. Many wanted the PM to declare assets and prove his innocence. They also wanted an investigation to be done.
Additionally there were users blaming the PM for high costs of living, petrol prices and the falling value of the ringgit. There were also users demanding that PM Najib prove his innocence using evidence.
The tone of voice used included mocking, rudeness, anger and sarcasm with the more harsh remarks wishing ill-will on the PM now and in the afterlife. ‘Liar’ and ‘stupid’ were among the more common remarks directed at the PM.
Points that helped convince some users that the allegations were true:
  • no declaration by the PM that the accounts do not belong to him
  • no denial that the funds were deposited into the accounts
  • delay in suing WSJ
  • WSJ does not have the same (alleged) credibility issues that Sarawak Report has
  • global TV news coverage of the allegations served to make the claims more credible
3.4 Negative (Najib must resign)
139 users (23.17%)
These were users who were making negative remarks (as in the general category) and asking for PM Najib to step down.
3.5 Negative (Najib must resign, directed to @NajibRazak)
77 users (12.83%)
These were users who directly asked for PM Najib to step down by tweeting to his Twitter account (@NajibRazak).
3.6 Negative (directed to @NajibRazak)
101 users (16.83%)
These were users who were making jokes; insults and tweeting other negative personal remarks directly to PM Najib’s Twitter account (@NajibRazak).
4. Additional Opinions
Users tweeting about Najib, 1MDB, WSJ and Sarawak Report also expressed the following opinions/sentiment on related topics. This listing was summarised based on a manual reading of a sample of 2,388 users in Malaysia, inclusive of the sample used for the above analysis.
These expressions are not indicative of their views on PM Najib in relation to the allegations raised by WSJ, but we are including it here for informative reasons:
  1. Additional complaints directed towards PM Najib:
    1. Complaints about oil prices
    2. Complaints about falling value of the ringgit
    3. Complaints about cost of living
    4. Concerns that Malaysia’s economy may end up like Greece’s economy
    5. General expressions of being ‘fed up’ with the PM and ‘his problems’ dominating the news
    6. General expressions of anger towards PM Najib (no context given)
  2. PAS, PKR and DAP were rarely mentioned. When they were it was most often to state that the Opposition is not capable of taking over the government right now. Other users mentioned not trusting DAP or choosing to vote PAS/PKR instead of BN.
  3. UMNO / Tun Mahathir supporters who want PM Najib to go
  4. Remarks on local media being untrustworthy on this issue
  5. Demands for PM Najib to show evidence that Tun Mahathir is responsible for WSJ’s allegations
  6. Frequent remarks stating Najib is dishonest and/or stupid
5. About the Population Sample
The results reflect a young demographic, by our estimates to be between 18 – 30 years old. Users were predominantly Bahasa Malaysia speakers:
  • 67% Bahasa Malaysia speakers
  • 25% English speakers
  • 8% Bilingual speakersnajibwsj_langpie
  • 6. Scale of Importance on Twitter
    6.1 The scale of conversation
    This network graph shows how Twitter users tweeting about Najib, @NajibRazak, 1MDB, WSJ, Sarawak Report and related terms from July 3rd – July 7th were connected. This includes all users on Twitter limited to those who retweeted or had conversations with each other. This helps visualise the scale of the conversation. Please note that not all mentions of ‘Najib’ refer to Najib Razak, and not all mentions of ‘Wall Street Journal’ refer to their article on PM Najib.
  • NajibWSJ_July3_7_2015_RTsConversations_1000px
  • Each user is represented by a node (circle) that is coloured based on the number of their tweets that were retweeted and the number of tweets sent to them. The more attention they receive, the larger the node. Any node that retweets another node or tweets to another node is connected.
    Nodes are positioned based on their connections to other nodes – strong connections pull them closer. Large nodes are considered influential within the network. We have coloured the nodes based on a scale of blue (least influential) to green; yellow; orange; red; and purple (most influential).
    Due to the scale of the graph, we can only show names from the top 536 most influential users as seen below:
  • NajibWSJ_July3_7_2015_RTsConversations_1500px_labeled
  • There are 88,550 users with 140,642 connections within the unfiltered graph. The most popular users were:
    1. wsj
    2. santaidansampah
    3. najibrazak
    4. gengbebel
    5. mirulmalique
    6. whackboi
    7. pipiyapong
    8. caey_
    9. 501awani
    10. syazminnazli
    11. fazirulsafwan
    12. embunkarina
    13. malaysian_gags
    14. faidfida
    15. wsjjapan
    16. faktabukanauta
    17. putrareformasi
    18. shrxahmd
    19. fatyaeddeen
    20. adrianlimcheeen
    21. abdmalekhussin
    22. stcom
    23. xiiaovegistar1
    24. malaysiakini
    25. kuihgulung
    26. heart_kl
    27. apiswowgituh
    28. danialjebart
    29. suara_generasi
    30. lawaktahapdewa
    As this is a global conversation that includes mentions of @wsj and ‘Wall Street Journal’, there will be users and connections that are not relevant to the specific WSJ article on PM Najib (e.g. @wsjjapan). This is why @wsj dominates the graph as users retweet and discuss their other articles. However we don’t want to remove @wsj from the graph because many users in Malaysia were interacting with @wsj.
    To get a better sense of the scale of the Malaysia-based conversation and which users were popular locally, we can filter this graph against our database of Twitter users in Malaysia. This results in the following graph:
  • NajibWSJ_July3_7_2015_RTsConversationsMsia_1000px
  • There are noticeably more prominent users in this graph indicated by the differently-coloured nodes. We can also see how they scale against each other, which wasn’t possible in the previous graph.
    Due to the scale of the graph, we can only show names from the top 873 most influential users as seen below.
  • NajibWSJ_July3_7_2015_RTsConversationsMsia_1200px_labeled
  • There are 28,518 users with 53,903 connections within the unfiltered graph. The most popular users were:
    1. santaidansampah
    2. gengbebel
    3. najibrazak
    4. whackboi
    5. mirulmalique
    6. pipiyapong
    7. wsj
    8. caey_
    9. 501awani
    10. embunkarina
    11. malaysian_gags
    12. fazirulsafwan
    13. syazminnazli
    14. faidfida
    15. faktabukanauta
    16. putrareformasi
    17. shrxahmd
    18. fatyaeddeen
    19. adrianlimcheeen
    20. abdmalekhussin
    21. stcom
    22. kuihgulung
    23. xiiaovegistar1
    24. iapplemustache
    25. malaysiakini
    26. heart_kl
    27. fxuzli
    28. apiswowgituh
    29. fahmimaharudin
    30. zulfadhliazmi
    7. Conclusion
    The analysis indicates that the majority of Twitter users in Malaysia were not supportive of Prime Minister Najib Razak, with 36% wanting him to resign.
    The quick acceptance of allegations brought by Wall Street Journal shows that respect and faith in the PM is at a low level. Critics of the PM demonstrated a mind-set of ‘guilty until proven innocent’ when it comes to allegations against him and statements defending him.
    Despite the calls for PM Najib to step down, there was little mention of who should replace him. The assumption mentioned by users is that Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin will take over.
    Few users in the sample mentioned Anwar Ibrahim as a replacement PM or voting PKR/PAS as an alternative to BN. There was no mention of DAP or the Opposition being a viable alternative to the present government. It is very likely that people who are anti-Najib are not necessarily supporters of the Opposition.
    In our previous analysis on PM Najib’s absence at the #Nothing2Hide forum many users were calling him a coward. Now they are calling him ‘liar’ and ‘stupid’ and holding him personally responsible for their reduced quality of life.
    In this analysis 29.67% of users tweeted negative remarks directly to @NajibRazak including calls for him to resign. This is an increase from our #Nothing2Hide analysis where 27.80% of users were tweeting him directly, with no calls to resign. This reflects an increasing lack of respect and lack of fear to openly criticise the PM.
    The impression we get is that even if the allegations by WSJ are proven to be untrue, there is already a growing negative sentiment towards the PM due to other issues. 
    8. Popular Content
    The following tweets were among the most popularly shared tweets / images on this topic.

    malu nya aku dengan kau Najib. Kau memalukan tanah air aku. Masuk CNBC bai. Tolong letak jawatan please @NajibRazak

    View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

    Salam @NajibRazak @ahmadmaslan.Mohon baca sampai habis.Jgn bicara indah persis pujangga metropolis.Tp rakyat sengsara

    Nampaknya gambar ini dah mula tersebar di Facebook dan Twider. Mesej buat @NajibRazak dan menteri SPM.

    Prime Minister Najib is escalating things too quickly. Don't just ask for Najib's removal. Ask for BN's removal.
    9. Location of users
    Based on geo-tagged tweets, we are able to determine where users often tweet from. This is indicative of where they spend most of their time e.g. work-place, university or residence.
    Blue markers = Positive; Red markers = Negative; Yellow markers = Neutral
    9.1 West Malaysia
    9.2 East Malaysia
    10. References
    [1] Wright, T. Clark, S. (2015, July 2) Investigators Believe Money Flowed to Malaysian Leader’s Accounts. The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved from
    [2] (2015, July 2) SENSATIONAL FINDINGS! – Prime Minister Najib Razak’s Personal Accounts Linked to 1MDB Money Trail MALAYSIA EXCLUSIVE! Sarawak Report. Retrieved from
    [3] Razak, N. (2015, July 3) In recent month, various allegations [Facebook post]. Retrieved from
    [4] (2015, July 4) Report on Najib based on solid info, not political, says WSJ. The Malaysian Insider. Retrieved from

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